Daily Gold Premium Liquid

Daily Gold By Emza Gold

Daily Gold Premium Liquid Supplement

Why Daily Gold Premium liquid?

  • Loaded with Trace Minerals
  • Super Fruit Rich
  • Packed with Powerful Antioxidants
  • Multi-Vitamin Formula
  • Calcium & Glucosamine – For Bone and Joint Health
  • CoQ10 – For Heart Health
  • Aloe & Tumeric – For a Healthy Digestive Tract and Mood & Memory
  • Siberian Ginseng & Quercetin – For Mood, Memory, Balance, Healthy Sleep, Heart Prostate & Immune System.
  • Lutein – For Vision and Eyes
  • Acai Berry & Mangosteen – For Immune Support
  • Rhodiola – For Stress, Increasing Energy, Mental Capacity, Stamina, Stress at the Cellular Level & Supports a Positive Mood
  • Magnesium – For Absorption
  • Pomegranate -A Powerful Antioxidant
  • It’s Gluten Free
  • It’s Soy Free
  • It’s Dairy Free
  • There’s No Artificial Flavor or Coloring
  • It’s Cold Press Process Insures that the Ingredients Are Not Destroyed By Heat Use

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